A week ago (July 10, 2015) on Facebook, I complained of back pain that had gone on since early April, and asked if anybody would recommend a good chiropractor. 

Well the suggestions poured in. 

In the interests of sharing information, here’s a list of chiropractors, physiotherapists and a few other suggestions that were recommended by those who read the Facebook post.

Please do not consider this list to be any kind of endorsement from myself or Hicksbiz.com. It is merely a passing on of names of chiropractic doctors and physiotherapists as recommended by other Edmontonians from their own personal experience. This list will not be expanded. I don't want to it to become less credible through undetected manipulation. 

Thanks to more visits with my physiotherapist Albert Chan at the Kinsmen Physiotherapy Clinic, and following his stretching instructions daily, I am relieved to find my own strained back is slowly beginning to heal.

Chiropractors  - in alphabetical order by last name:

Brad Basaraba – A Chiropractic, Downtown Edmonton
Roman Bayrock – Baldwin Chiropractic Clinic (north central Edmonton) (two recommendations)
Percy Boyko – Center 50 Chiropractic Clinic (Capilano)
Bob Brodeur, Chris Brodeur – Whyte Avenue Chiropractic
Tim Chow – Sierra Chiropractic, St. Albert
Andrea Der - South-Side Chiropractic

Brad and Geneviere Ford – Hope Chiropractic, South Edmonton
Warren Fuller – Sherwood Chiropractic Centre, Sherwood Park
Megan Harris – Chiropractic Wellness Studio, North East Edmonton)
Thor Gilbertson – Gilbertson Chiropractic (Collingwood)
Roger Jones – Brentwood Chiropractic, Sherwood Park (3 recommendations) 
Jason Krause – Park Place Chiropractic, Sherwood Park
Brian Lee – Symmetry Chiropractic, West End Edmonton (2 recommendations)
Cha Mestdagh – Terwillegar Wellness Clinic
Clark Mills – Shiloh Chiropractic Clinic, Stony Plain
Jeff Prince – Chiropractic Wellness Studio, North East Edmonton
Bryan Redpath – Capilano Chiropractic Clinic
Nizar Saab – The Chiro Clinic, St. Albert
Joan Shaben – Lendrum Chiropractic
K.J. Sveinsson – Leduc Chiropractic Clinic
Kendal Ward – Ward Chiropractic, Edmonton Inner West End
Sian Williams – The Chiropractors at Commerce Place, Downtown Edmonton


Judith Black – South Edmonton Physiotherapy and Sport Rehab
Albert Chan – Kinsmen Physiotherapy Clinic, Kinsmen Fieldhouse 
Blair Shular – Glen Sather Clinic, University of Alberta

Other Suggestions

Book:  Healing Back Pain, by John Sarno
Book: Pain Free, by Peter Egoscue
Wing Chun Dit-Di-Jow formula
When experiencing back pain, stop drinking diarrhetics (coffee, beer), drink lots of water
Sleep on a Tempur-Pedic mattress