Communications Consulting


  • Is your company or organization in dire need of heightened profile?
  • Do you need interesting, informative promotional materials? 
  • Has your organization good stories to tell, but you haven't a clue how to go about telling them?
  • Are you beginning to realize the social media is not going to go away, that if you can't beat it, you'd better join it?

Hicks Biz Communications and Public Relations services can be a great help. We know how to speak English, not technical jargon. We can help you to help yourselves. And if we don't know the answer, we have a wonderful network of communications professionals who do.

Hicks Biz proprietor Graham Hicks brings 44 years of journalistic experience and community leadership to the table. 

Hicks Biz offers its clients the following:

  1.  Initial consultations to determine communication needs of client company

  2. Creating a communications strategy
    a. Analyzing the client company's communications needs and challenges
    b. Defining target audiences and what the client company wishes to achieve.
    c. Devising communication strategies to reach defined audiences.
    d. Defining key media messages and talking points for company spokespeople.

  3.  Executing communication strategy

    a. Assessment of media tools and media platforms (websites, blogs, press releases, events, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,    
    other social media) to achieve goals.
    b. Cost/benefit analysis of potential media tools.
    c. Advising on design and creation of in-house promotional materials. 
    d. Content creation – stories, video, pictures, “about us” information – to achieve goals. 
    e. Assisting in attracting “conventional” media coverage. 
    f.  Assisting in the capture and archiving of external media coverage. 
    g. Assisting in the use of positive stories from external media to enhance company profile. 
    h.  Assisting in response to negative media coverage.
     i. Communication coaching for employee presentations and day-to-day networking. 
    j. Acting as media spokesperson for client company
    k.  Coordination of communications, promotional and marketing strategies for optimum exposure


 References are available upon request.


Graham Hicks, Proprietor
Hicks Biz Communications
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