Back a few weeks ago, in Hicks on Biz, I wrote about the Downtown Hospitality Explosion, the renaissance of clubs and restaurants in downtown Edmonton, in part jockeying for position when the new arena comes on stream in 2016.

Which got a few pals reminiscing about the last great wave of good clubs and restaurants downtown, surprisingly extending a few years beyond the great recession of 1982.

Places we remembered in the downtown:


Scandals in the basement of the Howard Johnson's - now a Holiday Inn - a disco joint where Motley Crue was once booed off the stage.

Darlings in the 4 Seasons, with the legendary maitre d's remark as he didn't allow one of The Eagles into the disco. "I don't care what kind of bird you are, you can't come into Darling's in jeans!"

Flashback - Hottest club in town for many, many years!

The Rose & Crown Pub in 4 Seasons - which has survived multiple ownership changes of the hotel.

The Mansion in Le Marchand Mansion

Jesters in the Boardwalk

Walden's in the Boardwalk

The Steak Loft on the top floor, Old Bailey's on the ground, and Lucifer's in the basement - on Jasper across from the Hotel Mac

Sherlock Holmes

Victor's Restaurant on Jasper Avenue

Bistro Praha - still going strong, but in those days, Franticek (may his soul be partying in the hereafter) would lock the doors at midnight and 30 or 40 of us would party into the wee hours of the morning.

The Gas Pump - still around!

A couple of you have mentioned Basil's - I don't remember that one.

Peter Johner's first venture - on 111 St. at 104 Ave. - Restaurant La Suisse, beside Cosmos?

Sidetrack Cafe ... was the Sidetrack around in the early '80s?

The Grinder on 124 Street - cool place, but it was not in the downtown, so doesn't count.  

Feel free to contribute!