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Looking for the right individuals to represent us in Ottawa - Edmonton-Centre Liberal nominee Randy Boissonnault

By GRAHAM HICKS Hicks on Biz posting Sunday, June 8, 2014 www.hicksonbiz.com graham.hicks@hicksbiz.com Eyebrows were raised in a few political circles the other week, when photos of my door-knocking in Inglewood with potential federal Liberal Edmonton-Centre candidate Randy Boissonnault made the Twittersphere rounds. About the only other federal Liberals I whole-heartedly supported – when I was a full-time Edmonton Sun columnist – were Anne McLellan and David Kilgour, and Kilgour had started at a Conservative. So why door knock with Boissonnault? Simple. I have reached the point I’m more interested in individuals than party politics. I want to help intelligent, thoughtful individuals who actually believe in public service, who, for the right reasons, want to be in the House of Commons to make a difference. I’m tired of career politicians who don’t know how to make a living in the real world, and fed up with over-inflated political egos. I want individuals running for th ... Read the rest of entry »

Genius Code - Technology to deepen the theatrical experience - review by Graham Hicks

The Genius Code Surreal SoReal Theatre C103 Theatre Space (formerly the Catalyst Theatre) 8529 Gateway Blvd. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 780 431 1750 Through Sunday June 8, 2014 Ticket information Theatre review by GRAHAM HICKS How the definition of playwright has changed. It’s not just about words and scripts any more. Enabled by new techniques, thanks to an understanding of what technology can do, it’s about another invisible supporting cast for the experience of emotion and mood and interior dialogue. Jon Lachlan Stewart’s Genius Code, at the C103 (formerly Catalyst Theatre) through June 8, is all about taking the theatre experience, live on that stage, into new and quite exciting dimensions. The words are relatively straight forward - the attraction, then love/hate affair between two tumultuous artists with vicious tempers and a tendency to self-destruction, mixed in with the silent witness of a third pal - a sound engineer/dj - to whom the lovers have given &nbs ... Read the rest of entry »